We provide SMSF and ATO compliance services to our clients. With the increasing complexity of regulation, we recommend such tasks to be assigned to professionals. Our professional staffs strive to work with our clients and support them as necessary so that they can focus more on their business. For SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) our SMSF advisors provide all range of administrative services covering – establishing the SMSF, preparing the annual financial statements, arranging the audit of the financial statements and lodging the annual tax return.

I. Self Assessment Tax

Keeping updated with complex tax structure and lodge the tax returns on time correctly, is very time consuming and complex task. Small change in legislation leads to inaccuracies in the returns or organization may fail to claim reliefs which might be available as per the changed law. We can assist our clients assess their liabilities and lodge their returns in time. We are a firm of Registered Tax Agents, CPAs, CAs and Accountants. We can do compliance for individuals, companies, partnership firms, a trust or a combination of structures; we are qualified and experienced. Our tax consulting services cover:

  • Tax Planning – After reviewing accounts we can do tax planning and can come up with available alternatives.
  • Combined Services – Our clients can combine their book keeping, processing and tax compliance services together. They can get the one shop stop solutions for all their needs.
II. BAS and ATO Compliance

Being Registered Tax Agents and Accountants we can make sure that deadlines for ATO compliance are meet every time. Tax Agents can lodge the tax return electronically; our clients can get the benefit of extended deadline for BAS. In case of large GST refund we can help our clients deal with ATO audits by providing necessary paperwork. We can check for the accuracy of GST claims. We also help our clients to set aside monthly provision so that their quarter end liabilities can be addressed in time.

III. SMSF Compliance (Self Managed Super Fund)

Our services performed by qualified, specialist SMSF advisors. SMSF compliance is even more complicated than tax laws. Setting up and running SMSF can be extremely difficult task. We can handle all the administration of SMSF – establishing the SMSF, preparing reports, arranging independent audit and lodging annual return. Our services cover:

  • Documentation: We can help our clients preparing: trust deed, minutes and declarations, member applications, template investment strategy, pension documentation, new fund deed of establishment, deed of variation, limited recourse borrowing, trustee company registration.
  • Compliance: We can get your ABN and TFN, make regulated SMSF, and assist SMSF accounting, compliance and administration.