Preparing accounts and maintaining adequate records is complex and time consuming task. Most of the organization requires their accounts to be prepared for statutory or business purpose. We help our clients to prepare historic as well as current financial statements, as and when required for the external and internal use. Our staff processes the accounting data in best accounting software available so that cost effective and timely results can be achieved.

Monitory inflows and outflows can be tracked through invoices, payroll records, cheque butts, bank statements and credit card statements. We can get key information that needs to be recorded such as dates, payments, receipts and total GST paid from these documents. For legal compliance it is required to record the financial transactions and keeping the same for 5 years from the date on document prepared, obtained or transaction completed, whichever is later. Being compliant on this front can be a very time consuming process and causes many headaches for SMEs. We are specialists in implementing the accounting systems appropriate for our clients. We also support migration from one software to another. Having the correct accounting systems in place is critical for successful business.

Our standard bookkeeping rate is an extremely competitive. Though our fees are based on volume of transactions, complication involved and time allotted, we try to provide all of our clients with fixed fees for additional peace of mind. You'll be equipped with dedicated and experienced bookkeepers and accountants who are trained in the accounting software you use. Our services cover:

  • Regular Book Keeping – We process the accounts from all the basic documents and keep our clients updated.
  • Periodical and Year End Process – We can process the financial statements monthly and/or annually that reports the earnings of a business by stating all relevant income and all expenses that have been incurred.
  • Bank Reconciliations – We can periodically reconcile your bank statements with internal records as a control measure to track any missing entries.
  • Payroll Services – We can look after your payroll and super obligations and ensure you proper compliance.
  • Receivable & Payable – We will keep you updated with latest receivable and payable amounts.
  • Debtors Management – We can do follow-up calls and send reminder emails to the clients.
  • Auto Bill Payments – We can schedule your bill payments, payroll, superannuation and ATO liabilities, you just have to authorize when liability arises.
  • Cash Flow and Budgeting –We can help you manage your cash flows and can help you forecast income and expenditure.
I. Payroll Services

Sum of all the payments made to and on behalf of employees is Payroll. The primary objective of payroll processing is to ensure that employees receive all the financial entitlements they owned. Poor payroll processing can be very detrimental to business image and can lead to disgruntled employees. An organization has to consider all the applicable laws and regulation relating to payroll and ensure regular compliance. There are strict deadlines within which the filings and payments have to be carried out to ensure that a business meets its obligations. Managing payroll can be very cumbersome and time consuming task. Our services cover:

  • Payroll Process – We can track tax changes, leave accruals, entitlements, superannuation and long service leaves. And processing the details within due time.
  • Dedicated Payroll Team – We allot a dedicated payroll team for a client. The client just needs to provide timesheet and leave details.
  • Payroll Compliance – We can arrange for calculating tax to be withheld, issue payslips, handle payment summaries, track superannuation and manage the lodgments with authorities concerned.
  • Payment Setup – We can schedule payroll and superannuation payments to your internet banking account. You just have to log in and authorize when the payment is due.
  • Compliance – We handle ATO compliance, PAYG payment summaries and Payroll Tax if you are a large taxpayer.
II. Receivable & Payable

We provide our clients updated information about their receivable and payables. Our services cover:

Receivable Management –

  • Billing – We can prepare invoices and keep track for the payments.
  • Followup – We can send reminder emails and can make followup calls to the clients.
  • Reporting – Period close, account reconciliation, financial analysis and compliance.

Payable Management -

  • Billing – We can receive invoices from suppliers.
  • Schedule Payments – We can schedule payments online to ensure that proper amount is paid within due time.
  • Reporting – Period close, account reconciliation, financial analysis and compliance.
III. Debtors Management

We can take follow-ups with debtors on a prescheduled time. We can ensure our clients that their outstanding are paid within due time. We can make calls or send reminder emails to make sure that our client receives consistent cash flow. Our services cover:

  • Followup – We can arrange a specific time during which we can do follow-up. Our disciplined approach will benefit to both the parties.
  • Cashflow – We will try to stabilize or increase the cash flows.
  • Baddebts – We can give details of probable bad debts to take any further action if required.
  • Reporting- We report as per client requirement. Our standard reporting covers payment status, overdue debtors and their reply for further action.